Tinos island

Tinos, the third island in size of Cyclades, provides many opportunities to the visitor. The finding of the thaumaturge Icon of Virgin Mary made it religious centre in hole the Greece. Every year, millions of pilgrims come to pray. Combine your pray to Virgin Mary with your holidays. Visit the Tinian hinterland, the place that the age – old tradition arises from the countless traditional villages with the small white picturesque churches, the pigeon houses and the windmills. Visit Pirgos, the place that the famous artist Giannoulis Halepas born, the village that Tinian sculptors whose medium is marble born. Wander at the marble – raved alleyways of Isternia, the village that famous Greek artists born and enjoy your coffee at the flower bedecked square of Kardiani, enjoying the panoramic view to the Aegean sea.

Visit the “moon-scape” place of village Volax with the huge granite boulders of unknown provenance and learn the secrets of weaving baskets at the local workshops. Enjoy your swim at the innumerable beaches of the island with society life or deserted for those who seek refreshment in a calm and quiet place. Visit the beach of Livada with the famous rocks fed by the beachcombers and the clean and blue brine.
The island of Tinos is waiting for you to discover it.
Visit it!

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